Groundbreaking visual effects artist Ray Harryhausen refined and elevated stop-motion animation to an art. His Dynamation technique of matting animated creatures into live-action settings revolutionized the use of stop-motion visual effects in feature films.

Ray Harryhausen's creations aren't the most realistic in the realm of special effects, but Ray's touch is instantly recognizable. His creations are absolutely alive; in each frame his creatures move, twitch, breathe, act with personality and pathos. Few other low-budget monster movies of the time match the technical competence and respect for the subject as Mr. Harryhausen's films.

The Ray Harryhausen Creature list emphasizes Ray's work in feature films. Not included are his early ; test reels and unrealized projects; some stop-motion effects shots (like the discus toss in Jason and the Argonauts); live-action effects (like the Iguana stand-in dinosaur from One Million Years B.C.); miniatures (including the Mysterious Island balloon); makeup & prosthetics, and animated replacements for humans caught in creatures' clutches. Ray Harryhausen deserves further credit for his groundbreaking work in composite effects, demonstrated to great effect in The 3 Worlds of Gulliver.

The Ray Harryhausen Creature List

A tribute to the stop-motion magician